Jan 18


He woke lying on his front. His eyes were full of tears with the remnants of a dream. His left arm was stiff. He could hardly move it and the light radiating from beyond the window began to disturb his eyes. He had a stomach ache and a pain in the nape of his neck. His tongue and face were burning. He would have given anything for a glass of water, but the tap was far away. He felt that some force was pulling him down, as if the damp floor wanted to devour him. He had to move. After trying a few times, he stood up, rubbed his left arm and then his eyes. A blinding light covered half the room and coloured everything with a burning white. The other half was as dark as in a hole. In the darkness some shapes started to assume a form: the outline of a shelf and the flat surface of the table. Various things were scattered on the bed and in front of him. The armchair was full of clothes. Old shoes and books lay scattered around. On the wall next to the window some of the plaster was missing. He […]